You can't change your past, but you can always change your future.

Its been 75 years since our independence and as years passed, it seems that the agriculture have lost its importance for policy makers of India. We have almost lost the connect between policy makers and agriculture - causing various issues that farmer have these days.

If we really want to solve issues of our farmers and develop villages then this link has to be reestablished, and for that right people need to enter the decision making system of our Government. Furthermore, we strongly feel that the people who have lived closely with problems in rural area, can suggest more effective solutions to all those problems there. However the coaching and study material required for MPSC, UPSC exams is not accessible and affordable to everyone, especially for children from farmer families. Having that understood, the Aadharwad Foundation have started a COMPETITVE EXAM STUDY CENTER at Partur - available to everyone at free of cost. On 16th July 2015 the Additional Superintendent of Police Shri. Rahul Makanikar has inaugurated it, in presence of Tehsildar Shri. Vinod Gundamwar and other dignitaries.

The Partur being a very small town, there is no place available dedicatedly for study purpose. No need to tell about the electricity problems in region. By setting up this place we have tried to remove few hurdles on their way towards success. Today large number of students, especially the girls, are utilizing it for their regular study purpose.

Unfortunately we had to suspend this Study Center in December 2018 for unavailability of sufficient funds to run it at free of cost. We are looking for sponsors (individual or group) who could assure us the required funding for a fixed term e.g. 6 or 12 months. Please contribute in your own capacity to cover monthly expenditures of it.