our mission

Help everyone in need, in every possible way to reform their life.

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Highly educated people like Engineer, Doctor, Teacher are our volunteers. The IAS, IPS officers are our mentors.

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All our initiatives are completely dependent on public donations. Help us, so that we can help those there in need.

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Our help initiatives have created long-lasting impressions and it has been well appreciated by many dignitaries in the region.

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We fight together

We are humans

We care for others

We are humans

Our Key Initiatives


We support poor farmers, especially the families of deceased farmers, by furrowing their farms and providing quality seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, all at free of cost. This is to reduce the financial burden and prevent them from ending their own lives.


We provide financial aid for farmers, old age people and other poor families, in case of any medical emergency. We also help physically challenged persons by providing them much needed supportive accessories to make their lives better.


We provide rehabilitation financial assistance for farmers and other poor families in case of any natural calamities or any other unpredicted situations like dry droughts, fire tragedy, earth-quake, heavy rain fall or flood like situations.


We support education of children of deceased farmers, orphan, physically challenged and poor family kids. We provide career counselling, and also motivate them towards competitive exams. It is one of our key initiative and being managed via Kartavya.



Medical accessories worth 2 Lakh and 26 thousands has been provided for 2 Government Rural Hospitals, 4 Primary Health Centers and 1 COVID Care Center within Partur and Mantha tehsils in Jalna district.


In order to feed people who have lost their daily earnings due to locked down, Food Kits containing enough food grain and other daily needed groceries has been distributed to total 68 needy families.


In order to support farmers during lock down, total 113 Quintal fruits were purchased directly from farmers. 72 Quintal were sold at Pune and remaining were distributed freely among people and at Hospitals.


Our volunteers have educated villagers about usage of Mask and Sanitizer. Hand Sanitizer bottles, Triple layer face masks, Safety hand gloves, Antiseptic Soaps have been freely distributed among villagers.

As we continue to respond to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), jointly with Government authorities or independently, we have extended our support through multiple initiatives mentioned above of worth INR 500,000 during 1st wave in 2020. In response to 2nd wave of this global pandemic, now we have pledged to set up COVID Specialty Medical Centers and Oxygen Banks in rural area within Jalna district of Maharashtra. The first CSMC has been successfully established and handed over to RH Partur on 9th May 2021 in presence of Hon. Health Minister of Government of Maharashtra and Hon. District Collector of Jalna. This facility can accommodate and treat 20 mild or moderate (non ICU) patients at a time who would need 24X7 Oxygen supply. A team of 4 doctors and 8 nurses are managing this facility to provide medical treatment at complete free of cost. The beauty of this medical facility is that, it will exist even after Covid pandemic and continue to serve needy people from surrounding 92 villages.

The basic infrastructure set up for this Covid Speciality Medical Center (CSMC) at Partur has required us to invest INR 750,000. With your support we can establish few more CSMCs and Oxygen Banks (Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Cylinders) enabling us to help hundreds of needy people from villages who are struggling to get medical facilities.


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