Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.

We are currently witnessing a humanitarian crisis in India of proportions never witnessed before as medical infrastructure is buckling under the pressure of the global pandemic. Several people are getting infected every day, with cases continuing to rise at unprecedented levels.

In March 2020 when this all started, our Trustees with Advisors and volunteers did some brainstorming and planned a thoughtful roadmap to act in 5 specific fronts,
[1] Strengthen Government Healthcare System
[2] Support for farmers
[3] Relief for needy families
[4] Covid Specialty Medical Center
[5] Oxygen Bank

In response to 2nd wave of pandamic, we have to set up COVID Specialty Medical Center at a small town in Maharashtra. This CSMC has been successfully set up and handed over to RH Partur on 9th May 2021 in presence of Hon. Health Minister of Government of Maharashtra and Hon. District Collector of Jalna. This facility can accommodate and treat 20 mild or moderate (non ICU) patients at a time who would need 24X7 Oxygen supply. A team of 4 doctors and 8 nurses are managing this facility to provide medical treatment at complete free of cost. We have invested more than 7.5 lakhs until so far in this project and will continue to support it. The beauty of this medical facility is that, it will exist even after Covid pandemic and continue to serve needy people from surrounding 92 villages.

Whilst managing this CSMC facility at Partur, we realized that hospital bed with Oxygen supply is crucial for critical patients but many people get admitted in early stage itself assuming that they might not find a bed when they need it or sometime they continue to occupy bed only for Oxygen support. With an aim to overcome this problem, in Jun 2021 we established a Oxygen Bank to provide portable Oxygen Concentrators to needy patients at free of cost. This has helped us to ensure hospital beds are available for critical patients while providing emergency Oxygen support to post-covid patients (and others having breathing problems) at their residence itself. At the moment we have 11 portable Oxygen Concentrator machines (Medris JY-102W, GCE M50) and all they are in use on rotational basis.

Patients Benefited

Sr. No. Medical Service Location Year Count
1 Covid Specialty Medical Center Partur 2021 85
2 Oxygen Bank Partur and surrounding rural area 2021 19
3 Oxygen Bank Partur and surrounding rural area 2022 07

What did we do during 1st wave?

We provided Personal Safety and other Medical accessories for Healthcare workers at Governemnt owned 2 Rural Hospitals, 4 Primary Health Care (PHC) centers and 1 Covid Isolation Center within Partur & Mantha tehsils within Jalna district. We provided them with PPE Kits (Qty 20), N95 Masks (Qty 500), Triple layer Masks (Qty 3000), Hand Sanitizer bottles (Qty 635), Safety gloves (Qty 2000), 50 Bedsheets, Reusable cotton masks (Qty 200) for general staff etc. of worth more than 2.5 lakh rupees. This initiative was carried out under direct supervision of Hon. Shri. Bhausaheb Kadam Deputy Collector at Partur.

In the period of 'lock-down' small farmers were facing difficulties to sell their fruits & vegetables in the market. To ease their pain we purchased fruits directly from farmers, by visiting right at their farm and at a price higher than market price at that time. This initiative has directly benefited many farmers in Partur and Ghansawangi tehsils and indirectly benefited many other farmers. This 'smart move' enforced all local dealers to offer better competitive price to farmers in that region. This initiative was carried out in coordination with Hon. Shri. Bhausaheb Kadam Deputy Collector (SDO) and Shri. Sakharam Pavul Taluka Agri Officer (TAO), Chief Officer of Municipal Corporation at Partur.

Farmers Benefited

Sr. No. Farmer's name Address Fruits Date Quantity
1 Bhaskar Hajare Watur Tq. Partur Mosambi 26-Apr-2020 1460 Kg
2 Dipak Sose Chitwadgaon Tq. Ghansawangi Watermelon 30-Apr-2020 2460 Kg
3 Ashok Kate Anandwadi Tq. Partur Mosambi 02-May-2020 1655 Kg
4 Dipak Sose Chitwadgaon Tq. Ghansawangi Watermelon 02-May-2020 800 Kg
5 Vitthal Nagre Chitwadgaon Tq. Partur Watermelon 10-May-2020 1000 Kg
6 Yogita Jawale Chitwadgaon Tq. Partur Watermelon 13-May-2020 2100 Kg
7 Raosaheb Shelake Babhai Tq. Partur Mosambi 21-May-2020 220 Kg
8 Gajanan Sose Chitwadgaon Tq. Partur Watermelon 21-May-2020 1195 Kg
9 Gautam Deshmukh Ranjani Tq. Partur Mosambi 25-May-2020 1614 Kg
10 Ashok Waghmare Khandavi Tq. Partur Watermelon 27-May-2020 963 Kg

We do agree that its difficult time for everyone one of us, but it is terrible for those that are daily wage workers and especially orphans and old age people families. In order to provide some relief to such families, the Trust has provided food and kitchen grocery kits to carefully identified families from villages and slum areas of Partur tehsil. Also, more than 40 Quintals of fruits (Watermelon, Orange) have been distributed to hundreds of people at free of cost, even at few Covid hospitals in Pune.

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