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The affordability, accessibility and utilization of the health facilities are directly proportional to the socio-economic status of the family. The financial condition of farmers in small villages of Marathwada is so weak that they cannot even bear the expenses of their own health care. They tend to ignore their own as well as family member's health problems and then with time it becomes more serious - sometime it leads to death. It's very natural to have health issues in old age, but with regular medical treatments one can live a better life. But their financial crises doesn't allow them to do so and hence most of the old aged people in their family suffers hail lot of pain during their last days. A farmer sees all this happening but cannot do anything. It makes him feel guilty and sometimes becomes the reason behind their suicide.

Knwoing all these facts, the Aadharwad Foundation offers best possible financial aid to farmers, labors and other poor families who are caught in to serious health issues. In addition to that, We personally contact their doctor or hospital, to explain them the situation with a request to reduce the hospital's charges on humanity basis.

We also assist physically challenged people by providing them much needed supportive accessories to make their life little more comfortable. We have distributed special Guide Sticks for the Blind or Partially Sighted persons, special TriCycle for Handicapped persons. Yes, we do all that is possible and feasible for us.

Benefited Families

Sr. No. Name Address Illness Visit Date Financial Aid
1 aditya Nair Gatkal St. Arnold’s Central School, Pune Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia 26/02/2015 Rs. 10,000/-
2 Manisha Gatkal Aambi, Tq. Bhum, Osmanabad Burnt-Suicide attempt 03/09/2015 Rs. 20,000/-
3 Sakhvaji Kanthalkar Babultara, Tq. Partur, Jalna Health issues because of age. 25/01/2016 Rs. 10,000/-
4 Trimbak Babasaheb Kadam Daithana (Khurd), Tq. Partur, Jalna Skin Lipoma Operation 22/02/2016 Rs. 25,000/-
5 Mayuri Sitaram Kade Patoda (Mav), Tq. Partur, Jalna Injured in accident. Father died on spot. 23/03/2016 Rs. 10,000/-
6 Narayan Govind Hiwale Sinnar, Nashik Injured in road accident. 11/04/2016 Rs. 4,500/-
7 Maya Dashrath Vavhule Dhamangaon (Pimli), Tq. Partur, Jalna Heart Disease 18/04/2016 Rs. 10,000/-
8 Nanibai Manikrao Bhavale Partur, Jalna Physically challenged 06/08/2016 Rs. 13,500/-
9 Dipak Tatyarao Lahane Mantha, Jalna Heart disease 21/03/2015 Rs. 23,078/-
10 Louis Braille Education Society, Partur Partur, Jalna Blind or Partially sighted people 10/01/2015 50 special sticks
11 Pandurang Kole Babultara, Tq. Partur, Jalna Leg Injury 14/08/2017 Rs. 5,000/-
12 Santosh Paikrao Daithana, Tq. Partur, Jalna Thalassemia 05/09/2017 Rs. 10,000/-
13 Balu Bhaskar Raut Watur, Tq. Mantha, Jalna Kidney Transplantation 05/11/2017 Rs. 10,000/-
14 Dnyaneshwar Sonaji Dhere Anandwadi, Tq. Partur, Jalna Kidney failure 05/06/2018 Rs. 10,000/-
15 Amol Uttamrao Salave Pimpalner, Dist. Beed Myasthenia Gravis 11/06/2018 Rs. 30,000/-
16 Subhashrao Kadam Babhai, Tq. Partur, Jalna Undisclosed 25/07/2018 Rs. 10,000/-
17 Varsha Balasaheb Barkule Khandavi, Tq. Partur, Jalna Brain Tumor 03/08/2018 Rs. 25,000/-
18 Ashamati Pawar Kandari, Tq. Ghansawangi, Jalna Undisclosed 04/08/2018 Rs. 5,000/-
19 Parameshwar Tarase Aasangaon, Tq. Partur Electricity Burn 02/10/2018 Rs. 20,000/-
20 Tai Arun Mundhe Mav Patoda, Tq. Partur Undisclosed 08/06/2019 Rs. 10,000/-
21 Saurabh Pande Manjari, Pune Renal Transplantation 27/12/2019 Rs. 50,000/-
22 Ashok Jadhav Dolhara, Tq. Partur Heart Surgery 23/05/2020 Rs. 10,000/-
23 Aasaram Chikhale Dolhara, Tq. Partur Backbone Surgery 08/07/2020 Rs. 10,000/-
24 Sagar Jadhav Selu, Dist. Parbhani Kidney Transplantation 11/08/2020 Rs. 10,000/-
25 Kishan & Gangabai Mandavgane Dolhara, Tq. Partur Paralysis 24/02/2021 Rs. 20,000/-

We also organize medical camps in rural area for free health check up. In these camps basic medicine is also provided at free of cost. Our first medical camp was organized in Partur on 23rd January 2016 for children (age 0-15 years). A team of reputed doctors was made available for that camp - Dr. Sachin Solanke (MD Medicine, Government Hospital Aurangabad), Dr. Amol Dahayalkar (MBBS M.D. Pediatrician, Jalna), Dr. Vidyasagar Kuhire (MBBS DCH, Pediatrician, Aurangabad), Dr. Sopan Kadam (Head of RGJY at Hedagewar Hospital, Aurangabad) and Dr. Pandurang Magar. Total 175 children were benefited through that very first camp.

Medical Camps

Sr. No. Place Date Details
1 Partur, Dist. Jalna 23/01/2016 Total 175 children were diagnosed and required medicines were also provided to all of them at free of cost.

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