Life may not be about your bike. But it sure can help get through it.

Its been 75 years since our independence but unfortunately still there are few villages where state bus transport is not available. Several research studies have identified that many students from such remote villages, especially girls, drop out of schools just because they do not have transport facilities available for their daily commuting from home to school. At few places even if some facilities (e.g. auto-rickshaw) are available, they are private business and not affordable to students from poor families.

This has been brought in to our notice by Teachers in December 2021 and since then we proactively search for such needy grils and provide then a bicycle at free of cost.

Benefited Girls

Sr. No. Name Address School Class Bicycle Handover Date
1 Sheetal Marmath Vill. Raipur Tq. Partur Lal Bahadur Shashtri Vidyalaya, Partur 9th 10-Dec-2021
2 Sakshi Kachare Vill. Wahegaon Tq. Partur Jilha Parishard Shala, Ashti 7th 04-Mar-2022
3 Ashok Datkorane Vill. Fulwadi Tq. Partur Jilha Parishard Shala, Ashti 10th 04-Mar-2022
4 Pallavi Ingale Vill. Singona Tq. Partur Yoganand Vidyalaya, Partur 8th 29-Jun-2022
5 Radha Totare Vill. Rohina Tq. Partur

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